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This is an area that we specialise in, CD and DVD Duplication, as well as CD and DVD Replication. We currently supply CD’s and DVD’s to the Education, Music and Media Industries across the UK.

If you need as few as 10 discs or over 1 million, you have come to the right place. We produce all types of discs, from blank discs that are just branded with your company logo and details on, so when supplying files to customers they will always remember you, to audio CD’s for promo releases, bands or even chart releases, right through to DVD and even Blu-Ray discs.

As well as the content and visual appearance of the disc, we supply all types of packaging from something as simple as a Clear PVC Wallet, to a CD Digi Style pack and right through to a bespoke rigid box set.

Replication or Duplication: What's The Difference?

Replication is a term used within the industry to describe the production of CD's and DVD's using a glass master to stamp data onto discs. This is widely recognised to be the best way to produce larger quantities of CD's and DVD's in terms of both cost-efficiency and quality. Printing to replicated CD's and DVD's as part of the production process, utilising litho offset or screen printing methods, produces the best results available.

Duplication, on the other hand, refers to the process of producing CD's and DVD's in smaller quantities whereby data is burned onto discs as opposed to being stamped using a glass master. Our Duplication services are ideally suited to customers requiring low quantities of CD's and DVD's in a shorter time frame and we can usually turn jobs around in a matter of 3 or 4 days, depending on packaging options chosen to be supplied with your finished job. We are confident in the consistency and quality that we achieve. Printing to CD and DVD discs with duplication involves full colour, high quality, ink-jet systems and also the option of a Gloss UV finish, however we can also litho offset or screen print these too.

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